patriotic tan hoodie for veterans and first responders

We're more than a brand.

Be a part of our movement to instill confidence, motivation, and a willingness to keep pushing forward. We are a first responder owned company looking forYOUR HELPto get first responders and friends in the best physical and mental shape possible.


Our day jobs are in the law enforcement field, where we’ve been for over seven years. In this field, we have seen the physical, mental, and emotional roller coasters that fellow first responders face on a daily basis. We understand that these individuals need a little motivation sometimes to push them to their maximum potential, exceed their limits, and to be in the best physical and mental shape to keep the world afloat.  

We worked as First Responders through the COVID pandemic, through the 2020 riots, through lockdowns, and through times where it seemed we were at war with each other in a country that should be championing freedom.

We were tired of looking around and seeing fellow first responders unmotivated, broken, emotionally drained. Therefore, we wanted to create a brand that would uplift the spirits of these heroes and motivate them through apparel and creative content. Therefore, we felt DeemedFit to build a brand, and so DeemedFit was born.