How to Find Motivation

How to Find Motivation
Why We Don’t Find Motivation
We each have our own mountains to climb, our goals to reach, and our barriers to conquer. It’s what makes each person’s feeling of content rather subjective. However, only a portion of us ever reaches this goal because we only scratch the surface of our absolute potential. Our society wires us to live the norm—work 40 hours a week for someone else, forever be in debt, consume a diet filled with preservatives and no nutritional value, and watch television until the end of time. Wired to the status quo, we never have the chance to take a step back to evaluate our purpose. 

How DO We Find Motivation 
So what can be done? Well first, we each have to think of a goal that we want to attain, and then list five ways to get there. Secondly, list all the reasons why we can’t get there.  We too often think we have more reasons to not attain a goal than to actually achieve it. The mind is a powerful thing, and unfortunately we get in our own ways all too often. Thirdly, we must imagine that moment in which we do achieve that goal, and simply work backwards.  If you want to run a marathon five months from now, what are you doing to prepare? Why can’t you find time each day to train for this event? It doesn’t necessarily have to be running, but perhaps switching diet, creating a plan, or learning from others. 

Deemed Fit? 
So you created a plan, you set a goal, and you listed your reasons on why you can and cannot reach that goal. You have now crossed the threshold that majority of people would not dare cross. You are now ready to start your own journey to feeling happy with an accomplished goal. This feeling of preparation is the meaning behind our brand—DeemedFit.  We want you to be Deemed Fit to run that marathon, Deemed Fit to conquer your goals, and Deemed Fit to reach new heights.  We want you to push up on that ceiling of potential for you to see that there’s much more room above. We want you to be mentally fit to understand your potential, physically fit to live a long healthy life, and Deemed Fit to change the world. 

What We Offer
We’re an athleisure and active wear company that offers high quality athleisure and gym attire. However, that’s only a facet of the value you will attain from our brand—we look to motivate, inspire, and entertain the world, so that you can too.